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Anterior path

The following is a list of the most important tips we give (this list is not exhaustive). Your physiotherapist or surgeon is free to adapt them to your case. Each illustration is for a right-sided hip replacement. The following descriptions will apply if you have had an anterior operation.

Dislocating movements should be avoided for the first 6 weeks.

Forced flexion beyond 90°
External rotation, straight leg – Standing external rotation, the pivot in the supine position in bed
Extension – abduction Extension – adduction standing external rotation standing external rotation

How to get out of bed?

Slide to the edge
Sitting down
Pivoting – Supporting the limb – Standing with or without a cane operated with the healthy limb
Take the 2nd rod

How to go to bed?

Putting down the canes – sitting with the leg before sitting stretched out

Supporting the operated limb with the healthy limb

The following descriptions will apply to both the front and back track.

Les bonnes positions au lit

Lying on the non-operated side  – Lying on the back with a pillow between the knees (with the surgeon’s agreement)

The walk

The duration of use of the 2 canes can vary according to different criteria (weight, bone quality) and according to your surgeon. In general, it ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. Sometimes, a transition period with one cane (held on the opposite side of the body to the one operated on) may be necessary before being completely autonomous. In all cases, the dropping of the cane is done in agreement with the surgeon.

To walk

Advance both canes first, then the operated leg at the level of the canes, then advance the valid leg

The Stairs

To climb

The valid leg first, then the operated leg at the same time as the canes

The toilet

  • Choose a shower with a non-slip mat. You will not be allowed to sit in the bathtub for 6 weeks.
  • If you don’t have a shower but have a bathtub, it is recommended that you buy a bath board, which will allow you to shower sitting down in complete safety. To get on this board, sit on the board as you do when you get back on the bed, swivel with both legs and put your feet on the bottom of the tub.
  • To wash your legs and feet, there are extension systems to attach your washcloth.
  • For your toilet, there are risers for toilets with or without bars.


  • The sock threader will allow you to put on your socks more easily.
  • Pull up the pants with an extension clip.
  • Use a long shoehorn to put on the shoes.
  • To wash your legs and feet, there are extension systems to attach your washcloth.
  • Prefer shoes without laces.

By car

To get into the car, proceed as you would to get into your bed. Hold on to the bodywork for better support.

To get out of the car, proceed in the opposite way

La vie courante

  • Avoid standing still for long periods of time, avoid walking around a room, and use real steps.
  • Choose high, firm seats.
  • Avoid sitting for too long.
  • Favour lying down with your legs in the air.
  • Pick up objects with or without tongs.
  • Do not squat.
  • Arrange your home by removing carpets or anything else that could cause you to trip.
  • Raise your bed if it is too low.