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In agreement with your surgeon, you have chosen the Clinique La Colline for your hospitalization. We are pleased to welcome you and we will ensure that you receive a quality service.

When you arrive at the clinic, you will be received by the admissions department, which will check that all the relevant information about you is up to date.

Please make sure you take the following items with you:

  • A complete list of your medications, including doses and duration, and X-rays.
  • All documents for admission (identity papers, health insurance card and other documents relating to your complementary health cover).
  • Any equipment requested by your doctor (walking frames, canes, walkers etc.).

Once the formalities have been completed, you will be accompanied to the floor where your room is located. A nurse will take care of you and answer all your questions.


The pre-anaesthetic visit will generally take place the day before the operation, either in your room if you are hospitalised the day before the operation, or during an appointment arranged by the anaesthetist at the clinic.

During this visit, you will discuss the details of the anaesthesia with the anaesthetist.

The anaesthetist will also explain to you how your stay in the operating room will be carried out.


The operation usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, but you will be away from your room for longer. This is because the operation will be preceded by pre-operative preparation and then monitoring in the recovery room once the surgery has been performed.

During the first night after the operation, pain management and monitoring of your vital parameters are important. For these reasons, a transitional stay is often necessary in the specialised unit called “continuous care”.

You will benefit from constant and secure nursing care, which can respond immediately to your needs.


The physiotherapy staff will take care of you as soon as the surgeon requests, according to a personalised rehabilitation programme.

They will accompany you throughout your stay until you are able to walk independently. This rehabilitation can start on the day of the operation, or more often, the next day, with canes, according to your surgeon’s instructions.

The nursing staff will manage your pain medication according to medical orders, to ensure your comfort during your stay.

The length of your stay will vary between 5 and 10 days and will depend mainly on the speed of your recovery.

In some cases, further treatment may be required in a rehabilitation centre.